Tuesday, April 12, 2016


 Dr. Aarthi Maria with me, if you need more info, kindly visit    http://www.skinkl.com/

The process of aging is a natural process, where will happen to all of us. That's normal aging process due to increasing age. Aging can also occur quickly if we are too busy and always in stress.
Thanks to modern technology, which
along with the passage of time, skin
treatment technology is growing rapidly
where the treatment process more easier and
faster. However we need to be carefull
when choosing the place for our face treatment
because our face skin is very sensitive.
Why I chose the Premier Clinic?, it is because
Premier Clinic is not only give good advice,
but they know what we need, the staff very friendly
and the doctors is qualified and experienced.
Premier Clinic has two branches which is in 
TTDI - No.31,Jalan Wan Kadir 2, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
( TTDI ), 60000 Kuala Lumpur *Same raw 
as Pizza Hut and next to Maxis and Digi Center.
Bangsar - 40, Jalan Telawi Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur * Same row as Post
Office and next to Raj Banana Leaf mamak

 After one week make an appointment with TTDI branch, I finally met with Dr.Aarthi Maria. Dr.Aarthi gave some advice and suggestions what I need to my face according to my age and look. She also explained to me about description of the procedure to undergo botox treatment. After all, we start the treatment and its only took about 45 minutes. Fist step they wash my face, second put moisturizer to my face and third step Botox injection. Is easy as 123 and its not that painful. Thank you to Premier Clinic who bring back my sweeties smile.    

Please refer below for more info about Botox
Do you want a slimmer looking, more oval shape to your face instead of an angular looking jawline? Premier Aesthetic Clinic now offers a facial slimming treatment which gives an appealing tear drop shape to the face. This procedure is commonly performed among Asians to slim the facial features giving a more feminine facial structure. This is ideal for those who:
* Have a square shaped jaw line
* Have a more masculine like jaw line
* Have chubby cheeks
* Want to achieve the look of weight loss in the cheeks
* Decrease teeth grinding and ‘bruxism’

The appearance of frown lines and other treated areas will be dramatically improved within three to five days of treatment. The skin will appear smoother and unlined whilst untreated facial muscles work as usual to allow the normal facial expression to be unaffected by the treatment.

Some minimal bruising may be experienced following treatment but side effects are rare. Occasionally temporary numbness or a mild headache may be experienced although muscle relaxing injections are used to successfully treat migraine in some patients.

The effects can last three to four months and then repeat injections will be needed to maintain the effects. After several treatments, the effects will begin to last longer and repeat treatments may only be required every six months. At Premier Aesthetic Clinic we take a ‘less is more’ approach and to avoid a frozen face we always see patients two weeks following the initial treatment to check the results and top-up if required.

When would you like to come for your complimentary consultation?
We will try our best to get the appointment of your choice.

Read more about the Botox procedure at:

Monday, April 4, 2016


 Kehidupan di kotaraya Kuala Lumpur ini kita sentiasa sibuk dengan kerja dan stress diperjalanan pergi dan balik kerja. Kadangkala masa yang ada agak terhad untuk berehat dan  memanjakan diri. Seiring dengan kesibukkan dan usia yang  semakin bertambah, kita sering risau tentang penampilan diri dan juga paras rupa serta kulit kita. Ada pelbagai produk penjagaan wajah dan kulit serta alat kecantikkan dipasaran tapi adakah memadai kita beli dan pakai sahaja? kadang kala kita memerlukan orang membantu khasnya bahagian belakang yang tak terjangkau dan celah-celah lain. Walaupun pada bahagian wajah, jika kita buat dengan cara yang tidak betul, walau semahal manapun prooduk yang kita beli, ianya akan menghasilkan kesan yang tidak seperti  yang kita inginkan.
 Saya ingin mengajak anda ke Couture Beayty Art  dimana studio rawatan wajah dan body spa ini menyediakan pelbagai khidmat yang tubuh dan wajah kita perlukan. Rawatan dibuat olehh pakar yang mempunyai kelulusan dan berpengalaman luas. Jenis rawatan juga mengikut masalah kulit anda. Pada pendapat pakar yang  merawat saya hari itu, iaitu ssaudara Kahoo...beliau menyatakan bahawa kulit saya tidak bermasalah dari segi jerawat atau alergik tetapi kulit wajah saya nampak kering dan kusam.  Pengalaman saya sendiri semasa dan selepas mendapatkan khidmat rawatan wajah dan urutan badan, terasa kesan yang sangat ketara diwajah dan membuatkan saya semakin yakin manakala tubuh yang rasa letih dan kurang bersemangat kembali segar. Untuk mendapat rawatan wajah memerlukan masa selama sejam setengah kerana ianya melalui proses demi prosses dan penggunaan serum, krim wajah dan minyak yg diselang-selikan. Selepas Rawatan wajah, pori-pori kulit wajah nampak terbuka dan kulit wajah saya yang kering menjaddi lembab dan licin.
Alang-alang telah berada di Couture Beauty Art, selepas rawatan wajah satu setengah jam, saya  jjuga mendapatkan perkhidmatan Body Massage dimana rawatan ini selama sattu jam. Anda juga boleh mendapatkan rawatan ini kerana selain mendapatkan uruttan badan, boleh juga buat body scrub, khasnya bahagian belakang yang  selalunya ada beberapa part yang tidak dapat kita sentuh. Jadi pada yang ada masalah kulit belakang yang berjerawat atau warna kulit yang tak serata, bolehlah mencuba Body SPA atau body massage di sini. Yang pastinya pengalaman mendapat rawatan di Couture Beauty Art ini saya merasa sangat relaxing dengan sentuhan lembut pada wajah saya diiringi muzik yang sungguh mendamaikan jiwa hingga tertidur pula. Alamat Couture Beauty Art adalah 1-D, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23, 55100 Kuala Lumpur atau hubungi Kahoo ditalian 012-904 8075 atau kunjungi page mereka di www.facebook.com/couturebeautyart


C asean Consonant is created with the aim of using the universal language of music to build a musical bridge that intertwines ASEAN countries heritages together and create stronger bonds of understanding, friendship and collaboration. It has become a platform for young generation to develop, share, learn and preserve traditional music of ASEAN.

 C asean Consonant is formed by "C asean" a Bangkok-based social enterprise whose aims are to strengthen regional connectivity by promoting high growth environment for ASEAN businesses and uplifting public knowledge, awareness and understanding on regional intergration. Their main missions are to build an effective ASEAN network and community to set a stage of showcase on business, arts and culture .

C asean also engages with several organizations to help gain regional recognition for this music collaboration. ThaiBev, Thailand and Southeast Asia's leading beverage company, incorporated with F&N Malaysia and Singapore, lays plan to support C asean Consonant as a major contributor to this series concert. Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi, President and CEO of Thai Beverage Company Limited, expresses his opinion that "ASEAN intergration is perceived as an opportunity to the region, as ASEAN nations will be able to create a better future together. In addition to business and commerce, I strongly believe that music is one of the important elements that plays a crucial role of uniting ASEAN citizen, connecting people and improving their mutual understanding".

C ASEAN Consonant Concert ' The Sound and Spirit of Asean menjadi jambatan penghubung negara ASEAN dan apabila muzik menyatukan anak-anak muda juga pemuzik hebat dan berbakat, bersatu bersama membuat jemputan dan hadirin larut didalam alunan muzik yang indah membawa hadirin mengembara dari satu negara ke satu negara dalam konsert ‪#‎CAseanConsonantConcert‬ 10 Talented star musicians from ASEAN . Nice show and very impressive , look out for the full story and photos in my blog soon. It is true what people say, music is universal and can unite people . They are not only great musician, but can sing as well . In addition they not only play music alone , but also interact with the audience makes us part of their show . All are traditional musical instruments and most unique...U could just imagine bamboo itself can produce music and audience sing along.
Ten young and talented musician which is bring us to travel from one to another country with their music are:-
Malaysia   - Noor Leyzam Bin Ali
Thailand    - Kammathep Theeralertrat
Philippines- Marvin Tamayo
Laos          - Sinthavong Sengmounthong
Cambodia - Peseth Sart
Brunei      - Sukirman Sugadto
Singapura - Niranjan Pandian
Indonesia - Agung Hero Hernanda
Myanmar - War War San
Vietnam   - Ley Thuy Linh
Selain dari 10 pemuzik hebat dan berbakat ini, mereka juga turut dibanti oleh 6 orang pemuzik dari Malaysian Traditional Orchestra ( OTM ) sementara En. Mohd Yazid Zakaria menjadi Conductor muzik. Sepuluh pemuzik muda yang mempunyai pendidikan dalam bidang muzik ini telah mengembara kebeberapa buah negara di dunia dengan persembahan muzik mereka. Tahniah diucapkan pada penganjur yang telah berjaya menjadikan C asean Consonant Concert ini menjadi jambatan perpaduan bagi negara ASEAN.