Monday, September 28, 2015


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Thursday, September 17, 2015


House of Dream Officially Launched Admist Great Anticipation

I do believed most of us grow up with this popular tv series. Hi-5 is an International award-winning children's television series. Launch in 1998 in Australia,Hi-5 now has a world wide audience of children. This series reaches an estimate global audience of 10,000,000 children annually across Europe, North America, Australia and Latin America and is consistenly one of the most successful children tv series.

Hi-5 : House of Dream officially launched ticket sales of its upcoming live showin Kuala Lumpur yesterday ( 17th.September 2015 ) featuring a brand new theme, House of Dream, where stevie, Mary, Dayen, Tanika and Ashley are brought to a world of dream by Chats the puppet, who is thier "Dream Meister", where absolutely anything and everything is possible.

The Hi-5: House of Dream live show was officially launched by Datuk Jared Lim, founder and Chairman of Tremendous Entertainment Group, the company that owns the Hi-5 brand. Speaking to audience members at the press conference, Datuk Jared Lim said. "Hi-5 is the cornerstone of our portfolio.In fact, we have an entire business plan focusing on multiple platforms with Hi-5 at its centre, that is why we have taken the show beyond the TV screen and into various other platforms... we have the live show,we broadcast globally - Asia, Australia, New Zealand.Latin America, North America, even countries in the Middle East. We even have a school based on Hi-5's principles of learning and child development".

Julie Greene, the Creative Director of Hi-5 was also attendance. "It is always a pleasuer to see the faces of all these children light up when they watch the show. This is why we do what we do,and this is what gives us the greatest fulfillment. Hi-5 seeks to excite and thrill young children, and more and have fun while at the same time, learn and develop. So don't miss out on seeing us live in Istana Budaya KL this December".

The cast of Hi-5, fully dressed in their slumber costumes for the House of Dreams, broke out in an impromptu acapella performance to a great round of applause from attendees of the ticket launch. Audiences are reminded that Stevie, the show's longest-running cast member, will be moving on after this year, so it would be their last opportunity to watch him perform live.

Hi-5 House of Dream is brought to you by HSBC (M) which is the presenting sponsor for the live show, and Istana Budaya, which is the official vanue. For tickets go to or hotline at +603-9222 8811